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About Us

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Our General Objectives

To mobilize all young people to demand for and access integrated HIV/AIDS &sexual reproductive services that meet their needs in Uganda and beyond.

As a youth arm that organized the Youth Pre-conference, CYSRA-Uganda became a coordinating body for Youth led organizations working with and for adolescent key populations including young people living with HIV (ALHIV), young sex workers, young transgender women, who participated in the 7th National Pediatric AIDS Conference, not only to follow up but also lead the implementation of the 2014-2016 Youth Action Plan with partners including UNAIDS and UNICEF.

CYSRA-Uganda is a national coalition of different youth groups and Community Key population networks committed to advancing the general health and wellbeing of adolescents and young people in their diversity, including SRHR services that meet the specific needs of adolescents and young people and young women in key populations Including those living with HIV, both in and out of schools.

CYSRA-Uganda, supports youth led groups and networks and individual young people both in and out of school including young professionals to advocate and champion for adolescent friendly HIV prevention, care, and treatment services, comprehensive sexuality education, contraception, harm reduction; and other services in their respective communities and work places.

Our efforts are meant to meet the emerging sexual and reproductive health needs and rights of adolescents and Young people in their diversity in Uganda.

Our Activities are categorized under:

  • Health talks and Education

  • Capacity Building of Adolescents, young people and Kp groups.

  • Advocacy for Adolescent and Young people SRHR and HIV needs.

  • Networking with Adolescent and young people in diversity and groups.